The client should not wait for the withdrawal of their funds

Fastest cars
because time is money
We strive to become the fastets on the brokerage market
Fastest in public catering

Why do we work faster than others?

ExPA (EXpress Processing of Applications) is our unique development
that allows us to process customer requests
as soon as possible.

Operational consulting

Thanks to ExPA, you don't have to ask a question twice More details...

Quick withdrawals

ExPA guarantees that the withdrawal request will be processed on time More details...

Fast problem solving

ExPA saves you time by controlling the solution of the arisen difficulties More details...

Each of your requests to the company for consultation is recorded
in the ExPA system .

When you contact us again, whether it be a call to the head office chat or a call to a regional representative, the manager will always know the history of your calls to the company.

The ExPA System continuously monitors the processing of the withdrawal request and records the execution time of each stage.

This allows us to achieve high speed of customer service. If the processing time of the application is exceeded, ExPA informs the company's management, after which a thorough analysis of this situation is carried out and the reasons for the delay in the withdrawal of funds are clarified.

Quick registration of requests for withdrawal of funds

Registration of the application will not take you more than 1 minute.

Acceptance of an application for

Information about the generated order is instantly taken for processing by the manager.

Payment of funds

Depending on the withdrawal method, the actual payment of funds is made no later than 15-30 minutes.

You will not have to contact over and over again and specify at what stage the solution to the problem is.

The ExPA system will do this for you. It will independently track the time of solving the problem and request explanations from the responsible employee.
If you have any problems, do not waste time and contact our employees. This appeal will be recorded in the ExPA system. The further solution of the problem lies entirely with us."

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